Better Living through Better Ideas

Better Living through Better Ideas

Better Living through Better IdeasBetter Living through Better Ideas

Why should you eat healthy chocolate?


 Can you believe that you can eat dark chocolate 3 or more times a day without guilt or worry?  Would you like to help yourself and others to a better, healthier, more secure life with a food that everyone loves and craves?  Then Xocai (TM), the Healthy Chocolate, is for YOU!

We're so excited to tell you about this wonderful tasting chocolate! Did you know that doctors are telling us that we should be eating the right kind of dark chocolate for our health? Dark chocolate can improve your cardiovascular health, your blood pressure, your sugar metabolism and relieve inflammation in the body among so many other benefits.

So why shouldn't you eat just a candy car? Well... the chocolate found in candy is PROCESSED (Which kills the antioxidant content).

Processed chocolate is laden with fat, wax, fillers, preservatives and sugar. Xocai products contain completely natural, unprocessed chocolate which retains 100% of it’s' antioxidant and nutritional value! Xocai products deliver the full antioxidant capacity of dark chocolate without the fat and high sugar content normally associated with chocolate.

Why did we choose this? First, and most importantly because the products deliver real health benefits. In addition, it is an amazing business opportunity. Recently released predictions for health and wellness trends in the upcoming year show Dark Chocolate to be number one followed by the Acai Berry, Omega Fatty Acids and Antioxidants. These Xocai products contain ALL FOUR of the top trends!